Compilation of the best questions from previous AMAs

The PadLock token team has held several AMAs in which the community has asked interesting questions about the project. Below, we leave you a compilation with some of the best questions asked and their respective answers. Remember that if you have any additional questions, you can always reach us via Twitter, Telegram or email.

Can you tell us about PadLock and the inspiration that got it started?

Where Web2 brought instant messaging and effortless video calls, it also surfaced countless lapses in security, privacy, and data ownership issues. Corporations have access to the most intimate details about any individual, and sadly, they’re more than willing to exploit this data by offering invasive ad targeting to their advertising partners.

We are strong believers in the democratization of decentralized technologies to bring good to all. PadLock is all about security and trust. It’s a serious and solid project, based on securing your digital communications.

With PadLock, we plan to bring crypto and non-crypto natives into our platform by developing applications that non-crypto natives use daily but adding a layer of security. While the distinctive features of our platform will bring great benefits to the end-users, they won’t notice that the platform is different from any of their current Apps when using it.

Functionalities will be the same as well as user interface. The main difference is that no one will have to worry about what happens if they lose their phone, if someone hacks their computer, who will have access to what they share or do…

Can you introduce the key team behind PadLock? What is your background prior to PadLock?

The team is led by Pablo Copelli, who has experience in programming as well as in the development of blockchain technologies. He studied at MIT, and specialized in advanced programming in Berkley. His first experiences were in well-known American corporations and since then he has always worked in the R&D sector. In the past years, he has focused his career in the development of smart contracts and execution in the blockchain.

Beyond Pablo, the project has an extensive group of collaborators from different fields. The team behind the project has been working for several years in blockchain projects, they have high capacity in the cryptography and IT security areas and in the management and implementation of smart contracts in both ERC and BEP networks. They have been part of the development support of several projects like Solana, Cardano, Zoo Coin or Aerotyne, among others.

Also, important to note that while the team behind the project is global, the company responsible for the issuance of the token and the launch of the project has been established in Estonia.

Can you give an overview of PadLock as a whole? How do you plan to make a change in the Cryptoverse?

PadLock is all about security and trust. It’s a serious and solid project, based on securing your digital communications.

While only 40% of cryptocurrency projects are based on improving the blockchain and its compatibility, the rest are based on creating currencies without meaning or without a real project behind them. To give you an example: if we take a look at the top currencies that existed 10 years ago, from that list, only 3 are left today.

Ours is a project that falls within the first category, which is looking to improve the world through leveraging blockchain technologies. We are a company with a solid plan to be in the market for the long term. We believe that solutions based on blockchain technology, such as dApps, are undoubtedly the future.

Decentralized applications are designed to distribute power and control among all participants instead of vesting it into the hands of a few central figures. The Padlock project is leveraging this technology to give users 100% ownership of their data. As a decentralized ecosystem, there are no corporate servers through which someone could snoop in. With Padlock, private communications are actually private.

How important is the community to your project? How can your community collaborate and help share the developments of the project?

By leveraging blockchain technology, the project has a community-first approach, bringing unprecedented transparency and democratic data policies to the masses.

Community is everything to us. We are building a project that was born following a specific need giving answers to an issue that, nowadays, everyone is facing: the lack of security and trust in the use of digital communications. And we want to keep listening to our community when building it, to ensure the project works in this direction.

We’ll do so by asking them to test and give feedback to all its functions prior to their release. And also, through the open-source code, which will be available to anyone to help us improve.

And, of course, you can also collaborate by trading or adding liquidity at PancakeSwap (Contract address: 0x16eCb992fb60dEF293Dd6023E1F96EA39a73C194).

Could you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and what results Padlock has achieved so far?

During the past year we have not only been investing our time and resources in the launch of the token but also in the development of the dApps, to ensure we can meet the established roadmap. We believe a strong project is as important as a strong token and that both things can’t be understood separately.

PadLock token was listed after a successful Private Sale and Pre-Sale, following the established roadmap. Following the same roadmap, during Q1 2022 the dApp hub and its first function, instant messaging, will be released.

The road map for the next couple of years is as follows:
         - Q1 2022: dApps hub release + instant messaging feature
         - Q2 2022: voice calls
         - Q3 2022: video calls
         - Q4 2022: file transfer
         - Q1 2023: email service

If we focus on Q1 2022, we have already started communicating the dApp name, logo… before the launch of the hub itself by the end of this quarter (desktop + App).

By early February, we’ll release the beta test version of the instant message app (website version only available). We invite everyone to visit the dApps platform website, Qamilio, to know more about the project (

And, for the ones interested in participating in testing the different functions, they can send us their emails through the website and we’ll be in touch ( Note that different tests will be constantly running.

What is PadLock relationship with Qamilio?

We believe the hub should be distinctive enough from what’s currently in the market, but, at the same time, we don’t want it to be too techy or complex that it may set apart regular users, without knowledge of blockchain technologies.

Of course, the crypto community will bring the early adopters and it’s the first target with which we aim to stablish a community that will participate in the development of the project. But we can’t forget that the platform is to be deployed globally, with no limitation of territory, age or gender, cultural background, technology knowledge… And we believe Qamilio accomplishes all that.

Just like the reptilian color-changing counterpart, Qamilio has the ability to blend seamlessly into any communications situations, adapting to the needs of its users. Whether a person needs to communicate guaranteeing their anonymity or if, instead, it needs to validate its identity to avoid scams, Qamilio is there to help.

Wouldn’t you trust him as your go-to-platform to communicate by any means?

What are the attractive features in your project?

PadLock Dapps platform, Qamilio, is all based on security and trust thanks to the decentralization nature of the project. To name some of the key features that we believe will make this project outstand from its competitors:

The road map for the next couple of years is as follows:
        - Send instant messages, make voice and video calls, transfer multimedia files and send emails via the blockchain at no cost.
        - Zero risk of data leaks, viruses or malicious attacks.
        - Users have complete control of their own data, as we don’t store any of your data.
        - Reduction of the storage needs. As all data will be stored in the blockchain.
        - No size limit for file transfer.
        - Unique ID using smart contracts.
        - Profile verification system through smart contracts to avoid scams.

How will you ensure the project in the long term? What is your revenue model?

The tokenomics has been established in a way to ensure that both the token and the project are actively communicated thanks to a 3% tax being distributed automatically to marketing purposes and that there’s continuity in the development of the project thanks to a 5% tax for development purposes. So, the more the project and the token grow, the more we’ll reinvest in promoting both.

You have to consider that the project will be available online free of charge for anyone to use it. Therefore, the role of the token is key as it’s the main source of income for the project to be developed. As soon as we start releasing the first dApp, we expect to gain even more interest in both the project and the token.

We are also working on strategic alliances to ensure our project stands out, attracts more users and to consolidate its position inside and outside the crypto world.

What marketing strategies are you thinking of to increase the awareness of your brand? Are you considering forming strategic partnerships to help you move forward?

Beyond website and social media channels (twitter, Telegram and YouTube), we are allocating resources for PR and influencers to ensure the project stands out and is known by all the community.

We are already working on strategic alliances with companies in different sectors to successfully apply the broad range of solutions that we’ll be releasing within the next year, adapted to different corporations’ needs.

Qamilio is the visible face of our dApps platform, but what’s behind it can and will benefit many different businesses, from content validation to secure transferring, there’s much more to expect from our platform. You just need to stay tuned to our dApps hub release and, from there, many more things will be communicated.

For example, in the future, the token may be used to validate the content of specific documents, as digitally sign software - e.g., working as notarial deeds -, to guarantee sent and reception of legal documents, hybrid applications between P2P and blockchain, among others.

How will you attract non-crypto natives to your platform?

We will bring crypto and non-crypto natives into our dApps platform by developing applications that non-crypto natives use on a daily basis (text, audio, video, file sharing, email...) but secure and trusted, by removing any central authority and any corporate server to ensure no one has access to your personal data and removing the risk of attacks and data leaks.

We have also created a friendly user experience and interface inspired by current communications Apps (haven’t you met Qamilio already? ☺). For an end-user, they’ll find it as easy to use our dApps platform as with their current digital communications apps.

Are your smart contracts safe to protect users’ sensitive information? Could you tell us about your auditing process for users who are sensitive about security?

The token contract has passed two audits already: one was performed by Coinsbit, before the IEO/PreSale stage and the other one by Block Solutions. You can find the latter by clicking on “Documents”, on the upper bar of our website.

The whole project has been established as a way to guarantee security to its users. That’s why the project works 100% on the blockchain, benefiting from blockchain security protocols.

Users’ sensitive (and non-sensitive) information will be encrypted inside information blocks that will be distributed within the blockchain.

Not to be mentioned, that by working with the blockchain all information is secured, encrypted, inalterable and can’t be sniffed. All data is backed up in the blockchain, so it can always be recovered, freeing your device from current Apps storage needs.

All smart contracts and dApps open-source code have been and will be audited in each step of the development process to ensure there will be no vulnerabilities.

Which are PadLock token main characteristics?

$PDL is a BEP-20 token. Mainly due to two reasons: in terms of development, it’s much easier to adapt the DApps with bridges between the different types of blockchain from BEP 20 than from ERC 20. The second reason is merely related to fees, which are much lower with BEP-20 tokens.

There’s a max. supply of 60.000.000 $PDL. The contract, as we developed it, doesn’t allow burning. This is due to the fact that our token can’t be mined and there’s a limited number of tokens available, among other reasons, because the token isn’t thought to be used/spent in the dApps.

The token will be used exclusively to support the development of the communications and security DApps and the data package transactions of DApps.

Can you explain to the community members why they should invest in the project & participate in its long-term development?

Living on the Binance Smart Chain, Padlock Token is a BEP-20 token that’s designed to serve as the core currency of the Padlock ecosystem.

We are strong believers in transparent and fair tokenomics. To prove our commitment to this philosophy, we’ve already locked the liquidity pool assets until 2030, a step that has effectively cut out the option for a “rug pull”.

Furthermore, the entire project is audited by a world-class team of blockchain experts at Block Solutions. This ensures that the smart contracts powering this token are bug-free and secure.

The road map for the next couple of years is as follows:
        - Liquidity locked till 2030
        - 5% tax in each transaction to be added to LP and locked
        - Anti-whale
        - Contract audited before token launch

As mentioned before, this is a long-term project sustained by a token that will get stronger as the project builds up.

And last, how do I buy PadLock token?

Currently, PadLock token is available on DEX with the USDT pair. But it can be swapped from any other crypto available at PancakeSwap.

You can support the project by trading, providing liquidity & swapping Padlock tokens, (ticker: $PDL) at PancakeSwap → Link:

Beyond Pancake, the token can also be traded at PooCoin, BurgerSwap, ZeroSwap, DexGuru, DoDo, Matcha, 1inch, PlasmaFinance.

Contract address: 0x16eCb992fb60dEF293Dd6023E1F96EA39a73C194

For the ones with less experience in trading at DEX, they will find a short explanation deck on how to buy PadLock token ($PDL) in our website:$PDL.pdf