Compilation of the best AMAs questions
  • February 02 2022 - English

The The PadLock token team has held several AMAs in which the community has asked interesting questions about the project.

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Encrypt communications and keep the data private
  • January 24 2022 - English

A One-Stop Decentralized Apps Platform For All Your Communication Needs With the world-changing solutions developed by PDL Development OÜ...

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Effective Ways to Protect Your Privacy Online
  • January 18 2022 - English

In an age defined by a full-frontal assault on our right to privacy, keeping our personal information safe is very important. As you browse, chat...

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Lo strumento di comunicazione che protegge le informazioni attraverso la Blockchain
  • January 15 2022 - Italian

PadLock è il nuovo protocollo che cerca di sviluppare soluzioni attraverso DApps di sicurezza...

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Security issues with Messaging apps
  • August 12 2021 - English

Over the last couple of years, instant messaging apps have become increasingly popular. They were even more necessary during the pandemic...

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